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3 Keys to Choosing the Perfect DJ

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

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So often in planning a wedding, the DJ+EMCEE gets overlooked or pushed to the side.  When in reality, the DJ can either MAKE or BREAK your reception.  It is truly CRITICAL to the LIFE of your reception to pick the perfect DJ!

Your reception is such an opportunity to CELEBRATE and really just ENJOY the night.  The stressful part is over and now you can just have a great time.  To be able to do this, you must have someone keeping the night moving along and keeping your celebration going throughout the evening.  Here are the 3 KEYS to making sure you choose the perfect DJ for your wedding!

  • The DJ keeps the FLOW

When your ceremony is over and your guests are just starting to arrive at your reception, this is time where you need good direction.  The DJ during this time plays all of your background music and makes all of the announcements about what is going to happen next.  Your guests need direction to know what to expect next and what they are supposed to do.  With ALL THAT MUSIC, we make sure and work with all of your vendors making different announcements throughout the night.  We do an amazing job of letting your guests know what is coming next, keeping things flowing nice and smooth, so you do not have to worry about anything. One of the most important parts of your night is making sure you keep things moving, so your guests do not just eat and leave!  You want them to stay and enjoy the entire celebration.  The DJ must keep things moving into all of your formal events quickly, but not too soon.  The flow of the evening is a very crucial part to your night.

  • The DJ keeps the right FOCUS

Focus throughout the night on what is going on is very important.  Your guests have SO many exciting things happening from dinner, to photo booths and guest book signing.  When dinner is starting to come to an end the DJ needs to transition into all of your formal events for the night.  With ALL THAT MUSIC, we make sure the focus is brought from your guests for your toasts, cake cutting, and all of your formal dances.  When your DJ keeps the right FOCUS throughout the night your guests enjoy every moment of your celebration!

  • The DJ keeps the night FUN

After all of your formal stuff it is time to dance the night away!  The DJ can either make or break this part.  With ALL THAT MUSIC, we work hard to read the crowd and choose a great mix of all genres of music.   We make sure and get EVERYONE involved on the dance floor having a wonderful time!  With ALL THAT MUSIC, we have been doing weddings for over 20 years, so we have some amazing experience to make your night incredible!  We love to see the smiles on all ages as they have a blast on the dance floor!  It is critical that the DJ plays the right style of music throughout the dance party and leading up to your perfect send off!  It is so much better to do a send off with lots of guests still there as opposed to just a few people to send you on your way as husband and wife.  We work really hard to make sure you have a send off with just as many guests as the beginning of the night!  The DJ truly has the opportunity to make sure your reception continues to have LIFE!

At ALL THAT MUSIC, we would love be a part of your special day and make your event amazing!  For your wedding, make sure that you choose the perfect DJ to make your reception one to remember for years to come! 

About the Author:  Nic and Mis Keith are owners of ALL THAT MUSIC mobile DJ service and THE LOFT AT KEITH FARMS wedding venue.  Nic started ALL THAT MUSIC over 20 years ago and is one of the premier DJ companies in the Southwest, MO area.  Nic and Mis married over 11 years ago and renovated an old barn on the family farm for their wedding, making a great opportunity to start a wedding venue.  Just a few years ago, the new LOFT was built as a gorgeous timber framed and vaulted ceiling wedding venue.  THE LOFT AT KEITH FARMS is now one of the most sought after venues in the Southwest MO region. 


Facebook: @allthatmusic


Instagram: @theloftatkeith

*This blog was featured on Metropolitan Bride! Check it out here!

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